Bee Plasmaa TurP System

Why the Bee Plasma system?
*Bee Plasma bring the technology that serves adjustable output power levels for cut, coagulation, vaporization, desiccation.
*Bee Plasma system has touch screen display with featured micro controller unit (MCU).
*Seamless 300W cutting, 200W coagulation output power in the market.
*At leasr 100 user configration settings for several type of surgery operations.
*Time save of total surgery operation duty.
*Optimum output power managing system provides minimal tissue destruction.
*Plasma corona field prevents unexpected carbonization on the tissue surface.
*Outomatic handpiece detection.
*Short cauterization time, thermal penetration is below the 1mm.

Bee Loop SS (Thick Loop)

It is designed to have a large surface
To provide coagulation during processing.

Bee Loop SL (Thin Loop)

Specially designed for the resection of high-quality histology specimens and
Tumors close to the bladder wall

Bee Loop ML (Mushroom Loop)

Thanks to its spherical shape and plasma corona structure, it provides
high frequency energy penetration to the tissues at optimum levels
To obtain smooth and well-coagulated tissu

Plasma Needle

Bladder neck incision(BNI),
Transurethral incision of the prostate (TUIP)