About Us


Arılar Saglik is an establishment under Arı Şirketler Grup (“Arı Group of Companies”) having business in the health sector for approximately 10 years. Arılar Sağlık engages in import and sales of medical devices, consumables and equipment in the field of Healthcare Services. Acting as the distributor of worldwide leader companies having the highest standards, our company successfully maintains its position in the sector. Following the technological advancements closely and having the mission of meeting the requirements in this field emphasizing the quality and guaranteeing optimum prices and performance, our company is at your service with a wide range of products.


Arılar Saglik adapts becoming the sector leader as its “VISION” with an understanding based on customer satisfaction, continued development, quality, teamwork, social responsibility, professional management approach, conformity to technological advancements and sharing. We aim to become a company that Priorities customer satisfaction in order to become the best in the field of services provided; ensures that the newest technologies in improving the quality of life and relevant fields are used and followed; adds new values each day with a non-stop approach; acts with the understanding “Quality products and services for Everyone” instead of “Quality products and services for Certain Customers”, and working everyday towards improving its existing partnerships; aims to prioritize and keep alive the employee satisfaction in addition to occupational health and safety.


As Arılar Sağlık, we work towards healing the bleeding wound of the sector by providing quality and idealistic services beyond the trade pursuant to laws and regulations with our certified staff each expert in respective fields.Our primary aim is to provide right, straightforward and honest service; and we adapt the necessities of the new technologies to the human life in line with optimum benefit at highest level.
Reliability, Fairness, Commitment to Principles and Reforms of Atatürk, Open to cooperation, Innovativeness, Sharing, Service standards, Transparency, Professional expertise, Providing quality services, Accessibility, Equity, Respecting codes of conduct, Respecting the values, Internal and external communication, Benefit of society